Mobile Devices

The excellent service that our human capital makes would not be possible without Discipline, Constant Communication and Teamwork.

Our staff has Cellular Communication Services and Radio-communication that allows us a constant communication between our Operators and our Branches.

These technological facilities support the monitoring of the trip and the report of any eventuality along the way, which facilitates the taking of actions.

You can be sure that at any time we can give a feedback on the location of the transfer of your merchandise.

Cloud System

Transportes LarMex always at the forefront and innovation uses “Cloud Computing” or cloud computing services in its business systems.

Business and technology solutions that work through the Internet, allowing access to multiple services to meet business needs in a flexible way, with a pay-per-use model, access from any place that has a computer connected to the internet, self-service, support at all times, with high standards of performance and safety.

The benefits of using this technology are: cost reduction, availability, security, always up to date, online training and easy to use.
Transportes LARMEX wants to make you aware that Information Technologies are aligned to the Business Strategy by supporting the Excellence in the Service we offer.

We incorporate the latest technological trends to evolve our business model and offer a World-class Transport Service.

Advanced Technology

Transportes LARMEX uses industry-leading technology to operate its information systems.

Consistent with our customer-oriented strategy, we have adopted new server, business application and telecommunications technologies to exceed your expectations at all times.

The levels of availability and the quality of the services that LARMEX offers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year are backed by a highly efficient, scalable and high performance computing infrastructure that supports the fulfillment of requirements of our Clients.

We have a private, secure and efficient communication network among our branches, managed at all times to ensure collaboration among our staff.

The security of information is an extremely important aspect that is incorporated to safeguard the information assets of our clients and our company.

Concepts such as MPLS, Virtualization, IP Telephony, Cloud Computing, SAAS, Blade Server, ERP, SAN, GPRS, CRM and mobility are embedded in the technological infrastructure of Transportes LARMEX.