O.E.A. – Authorized Economic Operator

The Authorized Economic Operator is a program that seeks to strengthen the security of the foreign trade logistics chain through the implementation of internationally recognized minimum security standards in coordination with the private sector and that provides benefits to participating companies.

The authorized economic operator seeks to achieve secure international logistics chains in their entirety and for this reason the certification of commercial partners is currently carried out.


We have the permits issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation for the transport of general cargo and the transport of hazardous materials and waste.

In addition, we have requested privileges for the transport of oversized cargo when the service so requires.


The F.A.S.T. program is a bilateral initiative between the United States, Canada and Mexico designed to ensure security and safety while enhancing the economic prosperity of both countries. In developing this program, Canada, Mexico and the United States have agreed to harmonize, to the maximum extent possible, their commercial processes free and secure trade by using common risk-management principles, supply chain security, industry partnerships, and advanced technology to improve the efficiency of screening and clearing commercial traffic at our shared border.


C-TPAT is an anti-terrorist initiative of the United States Customs Office that urges the industry to take joint measures to prevent the commercial burden from being contaminated with illegal or non-manifested substances, such as: weapons, drugs or explosives

The C-TPAT certification can only be issued by the Customs of E.E.U.U. and to be a candidate for it, one must comply with the principles established by said dependency.

ISO 9001: 2015

The determination of the necessary processes, their controls and measurements in the appropriate stages, has allowed not only to comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO9001: 2015, Larmex goes further, developing a culture of quality management in order to achieve and exceed the objectives of customers and stakeholders.

Our accreditation consists of two certificates: by SIGE (International Society for Management and Evaluation) valid in Mexico, and the International Certification endorsed by IQNET (The International Certification Network).

Clean Transportation

Voluntary program, developed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

The Program is aimed mainly at cargo and passenger transport companies, as well as for companies that use the cargo service.

The objectives of the Clean Transportation Program is to reduce:

1. Fuel consumption.
2.Greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants (NOx and PM10 and PM2.5).
3. Transport operation costs.

The above is achieved through the adoption of strategies, technologies and best practices that impact on a transport that is more efficient, safe and sustainable; thereby increasing competitiveness.