In order to offer the highest level of quality and efficiency in all the processes of our company through a culture of constant improvement of performance, Transportes LARMEX has a system of Enterprise Resource Planning.

This system allows us to integrate all the activities of our business areas: commercial, customer service, logistics transportation, maintenance, human capital administration, inventory management, financial management and senior management to perform our work with a high level of collaboration, visibility and measurement of results.

The management of information in real time allows us to have competitive advantages, aligning all the departments of the company in the achievement of the common cause: our Service of Transportation and Satisfaction of our Clients.

Our Resource Planning System has a Customer Relationship Management System CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in order to establish a strategy in the organization in which we focus efforts on the knowledge of our customers, detecting their needs, increasing their degree of satisfaction, increasing their loyalty to the company and increasing the profitability or benefits of the client to the company, through the analysis of the information.