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We have 11 terminals strategically located around Mexico

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Ford World Excellence Award Winner:

Gold, 2016, Supplier Performance


We want to be part of your distribution and supply chain.

Servicio Local


Opportunity transportation service through all the country, with local travel, 24/7 monitoring to provide the highest cargo safety.
Servicio Nacional


Offer the transportation service through the entire country with local travel, state and international with 24/7 monitoring to provide the highest cargo safety.


Being our boarder with the United States an important commerce connection, we offer a guaranteed international service by protecting our clients integral merchandise. The Cargo transportation to and from our different maritime ports across the country is part of our international service.


We offer the service of hauling maritime containers to the interior of the republic and exporting them, with 24/7 monitoring.

Last intermodal mile

In terrestrial mode we made the last trip of these shipments moved by railroad track. We make the last part of the journey in your delivery.


We provide the service to perform movements of hazardous materials (haz-mat).



A Company dedicated to the cargo motor transport service, with more than 50 years of experience satisfying the needs of our clients in a timely, safe and reliable way.

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LARMEX Technology

  • Satellite Tracking

    We use leading Satellite Tracking technology for manage, control and optimize the transport’s logistics.

  • ERP

    Business Resources Planning System.

  • Technological infrastructure

    We have a private, secure and efficient communication network among our branches, managed to ensure collaboration among our staff.

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2016 Logistic Conference Enhancing Quality Award Winner

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